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How long have you been using Microsoft Office products.  If you’re like me, you consider yourself to be, somewhere between intermediate and expert if you have been using them for a while.  Well, I recently discovered I was no where near as proficient at using basic applications like Word or Excel than I thought I was.  Over the summer I subscribed to and discovered that 15 minutes a day watching step by step instructional videos has increased my proficiency a great deal.  I have taken the PowerPoint 2010, Word 2010, Excel Financial Functions (got me through my Corporate Finance class) and various other applications.  Nearly each video I watched, no matter how mundane or basic the title seemed, taught me at least one new trick or feature that I could use.

Can’t find enough time for training?  Try watching 2-3 videos each day over a cup of coffee or while stretching or working out or just taking a break from drudgery.  You will find it to be a rather painless way to improve your efficiency over time.  It becomes addictive after a while.  The only downside is that will not reimburse you for all the time you lost over the years doing things the long, wrong or hard way.

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