TOPROW specializes in change management services that minimize employee resistance and maximize engagement significantly shortening the time to adoption of new technologies.

  • Change management plans – Are you beginning a new project and thinking about how it is going to impact people? Good for you! You are taking the right proactive approach to change management. TOPROW can help you create a comprehensive change management plan and incorporate it into the overall project plan.
  • User acceptance testing and readiness assessments – So you’re ready to pull the trigger but not quite sure if all the stakeholders are ready. There is a lot of noise being voiced as opposition and it is difficult to distinguish between legitimate issues and simple human resistance to change.
  • Project assessments – Do you have an ongoing project that is languishing? Perhaps an implementation that is technically complete but that is not fully embraced by users? Don’t worry, you are not alone. TOPROW can help you assess your organization’s readiness and pinpoint the actions required to move past resistance.
  • Change management training – Want to create a culture that thrives on change? The best place to start is by teaching your staff how to move through change. Just as understanding the phases of grief helps many people deal with the associated pain, so too, understanding how people and organizations move through the stages of change improves effectiveness when approaching change.